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The Doctor Who podcast where we take a stand & defend our favourite show's most picked on stories. Because, damn it, that's what the Doctor would do. Hosted by Lucas Testro and Marian Blythe.

Dec 6, 2017

Even if you don't think Silver Nemesis is poetry itself, after this episode there will be no denying it. Poet Adam Ford joins us and not only defends Doctor Who's 25th Anniversary story but actually immortalises it in verse. Sad Cybermen, dodgy stunts, potions, villainous go-getters - this one has it all.

Nov 9, 2017

It's an exciting day for at least one of us as film critic Thomas Caldwell (Plato's Cave) picks The Krotons for us to tackle as our latest Episode of Death. But does the story deserve a re-evaluation or should it be dissipated?

Oct 1, 2017

We don't know how to pronounce it, and we don't know if it's a planet, but we do know it's Matt Smith's least popular episode. We try to find some shine on The Rings of Akhaten with guest Lee Zachariah (The Bazura Project; Night Terrace)

Sep 4, 2017

It's Doctor Who's least popular Doctor in one of its least popular seasons, and introducing possibly its least popular companion. We face the terror of Terror of the Vervoids, with special guest Ben McKenzie (Splendid Chaps, Night Terrace).